military regiment of his. He kept saying if I made them all cum 50 times each, I would get to remove the clothes. It was very anime-esque. I didn’t know who he was, because he kept wearing a cloak. By the end of the whole thing, I was so addicted to servicing his men that I begged to keep the clothes on. He laughed maniacally and removed his cloak to reveal it was you underneath! My dream ended with me going down on more men while you said, “Another one bites the dust.” I don’t even …

Oh dammit we are not getting enough of your dreams and fantasies, this is awesome! And the Cloak Reveal!!!

YEAH BABY! Don’t stop me now!

And another one bites…

Thank you and Good Night, I love you ALL.

(We need more denial dreams and fantasies people – send them in!)

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