I owned her orgasms.

“Who owns your orgasms?”

“You do, sir,” Dina responded.

On Saturday, I told her she needed to earn every orgasm from now on. Each week she had the chance to earn an orgasm ticket by completing a list of tasks. I made a red ticket with the words “one orgasm” printed on it in gold. Her eyes fixed on the ticket as I waved it around and slipped it into a drawer.

“This weeks task list is short. Wake me with a blow job twice, edge yourself once a day and send me two naked photos of yourself from a public location.”

She was more than eager. I had a very nice alarm clock and two new pictures taken in a department store change room.

When the next Saturday came, she vibrated with excitement, or perhaps she was just extremely horny after a week without an orgasm.I could see she was waiting for me to say something and trying not to ask.

“OK, go get the ticket from the drawer.”

She quickly ran off and returned with the ticket in her hand. Dancing back and forth on her her tip toes, she asked, “How do I use it?”

My face darkened. As she turned to me, the smile dropped from her face

“Who owns your orgasms?”

“You do, sir,”

She knelt at my feet and presented the ticket.

“I earned this for you.”

I retrieved a large vase from cupboard and placed it on the mantel.

“This will be a symbol of your devotion to me,” I said as I dropped the ticket into the vase. “I may save them up, filling the entire vase. When I choose to reward you with an orgasm, I will remove a ticket. I may use them all at once. When it’s empty, you know you will not cum. If you misbehave, I will destroy a ticket. Or perhaps I’ll burn one, just to see it burn. But if you orgasm without permission, I WILL burn every ticket.”

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