I didn’t realize how big my collection is until I assembled them all to take this picture, hahah :3 I really love it. Some favorite things – the black butt plug has a jiggle ball in it! And those purple ben wa balls are too big to fit in me :/ but the pink ones, I just bought, and I can use those! The anal beads and rose gold clit clamp and nipple clamps were a gift from a follower, which was awesome, and they’re beautiful and feel great. That pink vibe is amazing, and other two are fun to slip into the pocket in the crotch of my panties or sometimes inside me. The blue beads make a fun crotch rope (just the crotch part, with a belt or something), and then the yellow thing is a pad of tacks which I don’t use often, but sometimes a little pain is what I need. And I didn’t include cling wrap but that’s fun to wrap up my legs with or make a crotch rope out of!

Anyways I’m just kind of going on, but yeah, this is my toy collection, hope you like it! And any fun ideas are always welcome, if they come to mind 😛

What a fabulous mix of toys and DIY gear! (You totally shop at Lovehoney don’t you, I recognise lots of those!

And clingfilm, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that but it’s brilliant for mummification play – nice! (Nowhere near your face though people and be careful not to overheat).

That’s a lovely set of toys, thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

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