Hey sweetie, yes of course!

One thing that works well is doing something that you just can’t keep up for long enough to cum. So something tiring (great exercise too of course). 

So humping the arm or a chair or awkwardly doing the side of the bed perhaps. Press ups would be the ultimate humping work out. You can only do it for as long as you hold the plank position.

Alternatively something stimulating that you can’t actually cum from (yet) so anal play or nipple play can drive you crazy in the best way.

Depending on your situation as a trans girl though you have what’s probably my favourite solution, which is to get a tight little cage for down below and lock it all away. Out of sight, but definitely in mind. You’ll get super horny and not be able to do anything about it, especially if someone else is looking after the keys for you.

Bye bye naughty orgasms and hello dripping denied frustration. When it comes to denial, trans girls get the best of both worlds in my opinion.

You can get a cheap but effective CB6000S on ebay for $15 or so, or some fancier prettier steel ones on Amazon or any good sex toy store like Lovehoney

Beyond that, you should of course make sure you ruin every time you go over by accident. That’ll teach you to not go over, especially if you clean up the mess you make. 

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