Hi James, I was wondering if you accept anon photo submissions either here or on your BDSMLR acct? (Is that possible?) As part of my denial, I’ve been exploring clothing as a way of getting into the submissive mindset. I dress pretty modestly in public, but the thought of wearing something really revealing and having my body on display is a huge turn on for me. I took a pic the other night while wearing some of my newest outfit purchases and would love to share with you and your followers. -😇

Absolutely. As long as I’m convinced it’s genuine and from you, always happy to indulge exhibitionism. Probably more on BDSMLR than here now, although the post I just made with boobs in didn’t get flagged yet, which is interesting. I wonder if the new owners of Tumblr are letting things get a bit laxer.

Anyway, send them to me here, or edgingspace.bdsmlr.com. If they aren’t anonymous enough for my liking I’ll give you some advice on how you can do that too.

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