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Hi James, I was wondering if you accept anon photo submissions either here or on your BDSMLR acct? (Is that possible?) As part of my denial, I’ve been exploring clothing as a way of getting into the submissive mindset. I dress pretty modestly in public, but the thought of wearing something really revealing and having my body on display is a huge turn on for me. I took a pic the other night while wearing some of my newest outfit purchases and would love to share with you and your followers. -😇

Absolutely. As long as I’m convinced it’s genuine and from you, always happy to indulge exhibitionism. Probably more on BDSMLR than here now, although the post I just made with boobs in didn’t get flagged yet, which is interesting. I wonder if the new owners of Tumblr are letting things get a bit laxer.

Anyway, send them to me here, or edgingspace.bdsmlr.com. If they aren’t anonymous enough for my liking I’ll give you some advice on how you can do that too.

If we want to submit something to be posted anonymously is that possible?

Yes absolutely. Just put in the message you want it anonymous and I’ll copy and repost it instead. I’m really careful about all that, even if someone submits something and I’m not absolutely sure they are happy for it to go out, I’ll check with them first, so submit away, and message me, again confidentially, if you have any questions

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Do you accept submissions from guys as well or just girls?

No I have special software installed that peeks inside your pants and figures out which submissions to reject… Of course I do. All are welcome here.

However if by ‘submission’ you mean ‘bad photo of my junk’ then beware the magic banhammer (yes it even works on anons, that’s why it’s magic).

Until it becomes socially acceptable to greet someone you don’t know by pushing their face in your groin I don’t think dick or pussy pics are an acceptable introduction. Obviously we all wait in hope for that day to come.

If however you mean a well written submission about your experience of denial, then sure, happy to hear from everyone. 

Do you do anonymous submissions? I would like to show off my denial bondage “invention” but my profile is linked to my business…

Yes absolutely. Either message me and post it there, or you can email it to me at james@edging.space, or just submit it on here and ask me to make it anonymous.

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Happy women’s equality day

My very own teacher’s pet, the ever wonderful http://in-heart-and-soul.tumblr.com/ just added a great note to that last post:

“I am AMAZED that James had the balls to post this on Women’s Equality Day.Hot.

Women’s Equality Day… how unnecessary…

EVERY DAY is women’s equality day on this blog!  (Hah, did I have you going there for a moment?)

I hope you know I truly mean that. The idea that men and women are not equal is simply insanity to me. Of course we are. 

However, knowing that, I also enjoy the fact it’s hot as fuck for us to fantasise about it not being the case. And if that excites you too then thank god for third wave feminism that says you can decide what the fuck you want to like and to be and to do – and if that involves giving up your orgasms and turning yourself into a dripping three hole slut then all power to you.

I just had an idea – let’s celebrate…

To show your support for women’s equality day, I encourage you to send me pictures of your boobs with ‘Women’s Equality Day’ either written on them, or on a note next to them, just because, it’s so very wrong and sometimes we need to do wrong things to make the world a better place.

Submit them here – I will make it anonymous unless you tell me it’s okay not to.

Welcome back! Do you accept submissions? Or do anything like a ‘titty tuesday’?

I do indeed. Anything welcome but it’s hottest if you’ve just edged or ruined before you take it, to keep with the theme…and I’ll take the usual precautions to make sure it’s okay to use.

Our first ‘Deny Me’ submission!

Our first submission following my challenge to send your denied pussies in with ‘Deny Me’ written on it. Thank you @cute-submissive-nyc-universe.tumblr.com 

Okay, I know, it’s upside down, she sent it twice, it was upside down both times so I’m going to post it like this because it’s cute, and wonderful to think of her (and her pierced pussy) wandering around with that on it.

I wonder who’s going to be lucky enough to see it in real life…and what they’ll decide when they do!

https://cute-submissive-nyc-universe.tumblr.com/ – I hear she’s ordered a full on metal female chastity belt, I’ll be watching for details!

Send your Deny Me pics (or anything else you fancy) on my submit page

hey James, I was just wandering, how many asks do you get?

A lot. But I try to get back to as many as I possibly can.

Remember you’re way more likely to get me to reply if:

  • What you’re asking is going to interest or be relevant to others (i.e. we love detail)
  • You make me laugh
  • You give me a name to call you or aren’t anonymous 
  • You send boobs 
  • You don’t ask me things answered ten times already
  • You appear to at least try to use punctuation (never a problem if English isn’t your first language though)
  • You offer me free stuff
  • Fate smiles on you and I happen to have enough time to answer

Stuff that I and followers really love include:

  • Updates to advice or situations I’ve replied to before
  • Testimonials of how denial has affected you
  • Sharing your fantasies
  • Pictures of your toys or you
  • Real life experiences you’ve had, good or bad
  • Sex ed questions that you want a real, but kinky response to
  • Edging reports
  • Denial buddy experiences or how it works as a couple
  • Asks mentioning how my blog has changed your life and it’s the best thing you’ve ever read
  • Recommendations of other posts you think I should share (you guys hardly ever do this but it’s appreciated)

If you send me an anonymous ask which is just saying something like, ‘Hey I’m horny can I cum’ then it’s really unlikely I’ll answer (if you have a cute blog and risk doing that by message however, that’s a very different story – bravery is rewarded).

But please please, don’t ever take it as a personal rejection if I don’t get back to an ask you send. I appreciate them all I just don’t have enough time to get back to all of them.

I hope you enjoyed your walk and that answers your question!