A lot. But I try to get back to as many as I possibly can.

Remember you’re way more likely to get me to reply if:

  • What you’re asking is going to interest or be relevant to others (i.e. we love detail)
  • You make me laugh
  • You give me a name to call you or aren’t anonymous 
  • You send boobs 
  • You don’t ask me things answered ten times already
  • You appear to at least try to use punctuation (never a problem if English isn’t your first language though)
  • You offer me free stuff
  • Fate smiles on you and I happen to have enough time to answer

Stuff that I and followers really love include:

  • Updates to advice or situations I’ve replied to before
  • Testimonials of how denial has affected you
  • Sharing your fantasies
  • Pictures of your toys or you
  • Real life experiences you’ve had, good or bad
  • Sex ed questions that you want a real, but kinky response to
  • Edging reports
  • Denial buddy experiences or how it works as a couple
  • Asks mentioning how my blog has changed your life and it’s the best thing you’ve ever read
  • Recommendations of other posts you think I should share (you guys hardly ever do this but it’s appreciated)

If you send me an anonymous ask which is just saying something like, ‘Hey I’m horny can I cum’ then it’s really unlikely I’ll answer (if you have a cute blog and risk doing that by message however, that’s a very different story – bravery is rewarded).

But please please, don’t ever take it as a personal rejection if I don’t get back to an ask you send. I appreciate them all I just don’t have enough time to get back to all of them.

I hope you enjoyed your walk and that answers your question!


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