No, I know, I’m so annoyed. The whole point of JuNo is that everyone can share their posts and see what everyone else is doing. But searching every day and seeing nothing was just despressing. Even for blogs that hadn’t been flagged as explicit nothing was coming up for tags that surely Tumblr can’t have banned. GRRRRR. So annoying.  PornHub come buy Tumblr already!!!!! (Did you see they are interested?)

I’m currently working through my thousands of posts trying to take out everything Tumblr’s flagged so I can get the explicit flag taken off. For the first time ever the blog has fallen off the first page of Google which hurts so bad. 

To add insult to injury none of your new messages showed up. Turns out I’ve had lots, I just never checked because my inbox icon stayed empty. I’m going to be checking it every day now whatever and catching up on the ones I’d missed.

So apologies I’ve been quiet while sorting this all out. I love this Tumblr and all my followers but it actually needs to be working and getting to you lovely lot if I’m going to put all the effort I want to into this blog.

I keep removing all the flagged posts, request for it to be unflagged, and then they add more. It’s infuriating and very time-consuming.

My emergency back up plan, which is a bit extreme, but might be what I resort to, is to delete ALL of the old content on here. It’s all backed up on my BDSMLR now – or if you’re logged in there already.

So yeah, if I haven’t got it back to full function by the weekend please don’t freak out if you see lots, or all of the old content disappear. I’m hoping at least the asks can stay. And all the asks you’ve sent are all safe. But I have some super exciting news and I want everything to be working properly for when I announce it. Let’s just say, I’ve been very, very productive with the extra time I’ve found myself with.

I can’t leave you without a tease, right?

Love and miss you all,


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