Damn how did I miss this question, it’s so great. You’re not the first to ask this, I’ve had a number, not lots, but four or five women think edging might make their breasts bigger. So if I were asking Keri about this myth and she weren’t busy…

…doing that. Then I think we’d have to give it a definite:

I mean they definitely change size according to where you are in your menstrual cycle and I speak from experience saying they can change A LOT during pregnancy (fun times), so the fact that when edging we’re getting lots of arousal hormones in your system and not relieving them could definitely have an effect.

You know what though. For some of you just the thought of this will drive you crazy. The idea that by being a good girl, and edging, your tits might grow, but if you cum it’ll all be undone. What a mind fuck. 

Even more so for those of you with a particular kink, that being teased about your breast size turns you on. This is way more common than you’d think (as is cock size teasing in guys, very popular kink).

For them the idea of someone whispering, ‘no, you can’t cum, you know why, they aren’t big enough’ will drive them crazy. ‘Maybe if you edge enough they’ll grow, and I’ll let you.’

Congratulations, if you just got wet you’ve got a breast size teasing kink. Now go and enjoy it.

So yes OP, sore boobs, or bigger boobs from edging, plausible. But hot?

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