Okay, we’ll get to tasks in a minute but really, having roommates shouldn’t stop you edging. Worse case scenario you can do it in the bathroom and while you’re having a shower. But girls have a distinct advantage that to jill off you only need to move a single finger, us guys have the whole five knuckle shuffle going on.

And most of us don’t care, we do it anyway, roommate be damned. Just FYI.

So yes, when you get back to college I expect you to start edging every day like a good denial slut, no excuses. Be brave, it makes it even more exciting.

As for your time when you’re back you’re going to have to catch up on your backlog of edges if you want to cum. So for you it should have been twice a day for five weeks, that’s 2x7x5 – so that’s 70 edges. Gosh, that’s going to be a challenge. Ten a day while you’re at home and you can cum on your last night.

Otherwise it’s just back to college denied and desperate.

Good girl

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