Getting turned on isn’t shameful, it’s awesome and it’s what your body and mind are designed to do, at the most basic level! And when I say basic I mean it’s the core purpose of the human race, to have sex and reproduce.

So when you’re getting wet, your body is simply getting ready for a good fucking, preparing you to spread your legs and take a nice cock deep inside you.

So yeah, shameful? No. Next time you get that wet think to yourself ‘this is what I’m for’ and edge again… after all it’s just training your body to do what it was designed to!

Anyway… back to your question! Search for the guided masturbation posts as a really good place to start, then search for the captions tags on here and you’ll have scores of hot fantasies to rub your little clit to.

Then search for the tasks tag and that will give you lots of ideas to try out. I’ll be adding some more structured beginner’s guides to the blog when I get time but January was REALLY busy. 

I hope that helps!

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