I have a question
If the denial academy was real, what would you do if I’d ask you to put me in there?

I’d enroll you and make you work your way to the top

So I’d be a normal student?


Boringly normal?

There is no boring at the denial academy. But you’d secretly be mine, having to report to me every day… for private lessons. No special treatment other than that.  

What kind of private lessons?

I’d be fucking you, darling.

Oh I love that so much

Every single day, after school I’d take you to my private rooms and use you as my personal fuck doll. And you’d not be allowed to tell anyone.

What happens if someone finds out anyway?

Oh they’d guess… They’d see you come to me. But you’d not be allowed to talk about it. I’d have to probably be extra hard on you at first, just to show them I wasn’t playing favourites 

Would you maybe try new punishment devices on me?

Exactly. Sometimes you’d come to me and cry at the end of the day, and I’d comfort you and remind you why I have t to treat you like that. But I’d always still fuck you, no matter how sad you were.

And once I worked my way to the top, what can I do then?

Well once you’d earned your place as head girl, then I’d introduce some new rules. Saying the headmaster got special access to the head girl.

You’re the headmaster?

Of course I am! 
You’d have a special uniform, and be in charge of the discipline of all the younger girls. You’d have a team of prefects who all served you. The hottest, nicest girls who you got to hand pick. Even the teachers would be scared of you because they could see how I felt about you. None of the male staff could touch you. Then upon graduation, I’d call you up last, and present you with a collar, my collar, and claim you in front of everyone.

Oh I love that <3

Did that get you wet, little girl?

Yes Sir, it did…

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