It is pretty amazing. Apparently all the samba dancers at the closing ceremony of the Olympics were wearing them, as they didn’t have enough maraca players.

Just remember to use plenty of lube and go slow. Don’t expect to be able to wear it for ages at first, you have to get used to it. It’s a pretty snug fit (small or medium) so when pulling it out, just relax, grab the edge of the base and do a little push (yep like you were going to do a poo) and it pops right out.

The shower’s a good place to do that, but if you just have a baby wipe handy you can clean up straight away wherever you take it out. I like to wash it in hot water and soap afterwards (it was just in your butt…)  and a sex toy cleaner is a great option to keep it fresh and germ free.

if you’re wearing a butt plug to go out somewhere then take a little plastic bag to pop it in  in case you need to take it out. Don’t be like my friend who bought one, decided to go out the first time she ever tried it, got sore and then realised she had nothing to put it in… and so threw it in the bin at some random restroom. Doh.

Oh and finally, don’t forget to try pulling it out as you edge, or even as you ruin – although if you’re really liking that, your next purchase should be some anal beads, as that’s literally what they’re designed for.

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Speaking of toys, I’ve just noticed Lovehoney have their summer sale on!

A few highlights include a large silicon butt plug half price at $10 (we all know you’ll want it soon enough – but seriously, that’s fucking HUGE, don’t put that in your butt unless you really know what you’re doing).

Likely more useful is something like these vibrating anal beads down to $10 too.

Oh their BASICS suction cup dildo is only $10 too, damn that’s cheap (usually $20)

Sale stuff at Lovehoney often runs out fast so if you’re going to get some, don’t delay!

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