‘This is for you, Princess’, he said presenting the box from the expensive lingerie shop.

Excitedly, I tried on the first skimpy bra and panties set.

‘There’s not enough lace to cover my breasts,’ I said as I readjusted the bra in an unsuccessful effort to stop my nipples poking over the top of the insubstantial cups.

‘From now on I will choose and buy all the lingerie that you wear.’ He said, decisively.

There were bras and panties in every colour of the rainbow and extras in black and dove grey.

‘Only when you go to the gym will your nipples be covered. Otherwise, I want them rubbing on your clothes, tantalising you, reminding you how lovely I find them and making you wet for me. They are too beautiful to be hidden. Only quarter bras for you, Princess.’

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