Well you know as they say, time is the great heal…

Wait fuck THAT. 

Fuck them. Didn’t they get how great you are? Because you are fucking awesome.

Well screw them. THEIR FUCKING LOSS.

What you’re going to do is make them realise that leaving you was the WORST  DECISION THEY EVER MADE.

No more wallowing in self-pity. Get your ass off the floor. You’re better than this, bitch. Find something of theirs or even just a photo, and set fire to that shit. 

‘Fuck you ex love of my life, now I realise you weren’t that, you were just practise. Thanks for the memories. Good bye’

Now you get your game on. You don’t need anyone else to be amazing. You already are. Time to focus on you and get your shit together and see just how incredible you can be.

Time to get organised, time to figure out what YOU want from life, and how to get it. This is what you needed. Not reliance on someone else who couldn’t even see how great you are. Nope, time for YOU to take control and make of life what YOU want and need it to be, and not just pin your world on someone else.

Set some goals. Education, fitness, work, skills, friends, travel. Break them down into realistic chunks and put dates against them.Start planning. How are you going to get there? Start doing it. You won’t achieve them all, but you’ll achieve some of them and that’s so powerful.

Because when you do that, when you start to turn your dreams into reality, to realise you’re good enough just as you are, that you don’t NEED someone else to complete you…then, sweetheart, you’ll be even more attractive than you ever knew possible. And you know what, you’ll be the one who gets to decide who is lucky enough to be with you, and they’ll fucking know it.

So, time to get over it, starting now.

Let’s do this.


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