I do, yes, but it’s very rare, as much because that’s how she wants it as my personal preference. 

Ruined orgasms are a nice little compromise which I love to use a little more regularly as they give just a tiny taste of an orgasm but then bring a brutal emptiness that does almost nothing to diminish the desire and need that’s been built up over weeks. 

I’m not a fan of permanent denial, although I do tease it as a fantasy. I love to give orgasms, that’s the twisted part of this, there’s an element of it also being denial for me – so I’d never really want to forever prevent them. 

More importantly, hope is so important to the real mind fuck of this. With permanent denial there’s no room for hope, hope that today might be the day, hope that I might be weak and give in to her desperate begging (I never do but I love them trying).

But it’s about what she needs, not what she wants. And she needs to be denied.

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