So, I’m really doing the JuNO Denial Challenge by @female-orgasm-denial, which means I am supposed to not cum for 30 days. I have only done periods of two weeks at best until now – this time it already seems like so much more. Maybe, because I know that I want to hold out that much longer. Or because… well… before, I always told myself that I could cum as soon as this and that was done etc, so it was kind of in my own hand when I could cum, at least partly. This time it’s a period of time that I can’t make any shorter. That is also much tougher for me personally.

Just now, I edged like suggested here (in the beginning of the post – I won’t be able to do the “telling someone in real life” part though I think that would be amazing). I already was close to the edge when I put it on and then kept it on for… 15 minutes or something and just tried to ride the edge. In between I suddenly had to stop twice and hold absolutely still for a few seconds so I wouldn’t cum. Now I’m extremely wet. And I want to cum really badly. Damn. That tool really is amazing, especially with the track running next to it.

I’ll do my best though to succeed in this challenge! 🙂

Welcome to the challenge!
The telling someone was completely optional, as is pretty much everything in this (just no cumming!) so have fun and make it work for you.

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