So that public edge? I almost got caught. I was in a spot that I thought was pretty secluded, the store wasn’t busy, I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom.

So there my hand went, under my skirt, in the back of the frozen isle. I was trying so hard not to moan because that thrill of possibly getting caught is only good unless you actually do. Then it’s bad.

I ALMOST DIDN’T NOTICE A LADY AND HER CHILD ROUND THE CORNER. If they hadn’t had a squeeky wheel on their cart, I would have been toast.

It made me really wet though, I don’t doubt I was blushing like crazy and my knees were a little wobbly as I went back to shopping.

Whoops… do remember, public is hot, but other people haven’t consented to it so it’s the RISK of getting caught that should turn you on, people. So stay safe and be considerate while you’re having fun.
James xxx

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