What a great question! I never get truly submissive but that doesn’t mean I don’t switch. I personally think some kind of role switching is really healthy for anyone exploring BDSM. 

Old school kinksters tended to be SO set in their ways, you had to fit in a box (not always literally) and if you didn’t fit their definitions, you were out. I’ve had LOTS of tales of bullshit doms saying ridiculous things like ‘there is no such thing as a switch’ – oh shut up you dinosaur, get your thinking out of the stone age. 

This is 2017 peeps. Your right to be what the hell you want extends all the way through kink and out the other side.

So as I was saying before I started ranting, I tend to think it’s a great thing for anyone to get different perspectives on the BDSM experience, if only to better understand what’s going on in their partner and appreciating them more.

I’ve had subs I’m training try some domming (mostly on a third sub with me guiding them) and they’ve actually burst into tears saying ‘I had NO IDEA HOW HARD THIS WAS!’ And even if that’s all they’ve learnt it really makes everyone appreciate the dynamic more.

So, back to me. I don’t ever go all subby, it’s just not how I’m wired, but I LOVE being tied up occasionally. The loss of control is super hot and seeing them similarly switching it up and taking on the ‘top’ role is such fun.

The reality is, I’m still very in control. It’s just how it works with me. But that makes her feel safe to step into that role. I could stop it all with a word, but I don’t, because it’s fun and hot!

So do I get dommed, no, but I love getting topped from time to time.

Do they deny me though, hell yeah. Why do you think I can write about it with such conviction? I love a bit of denial too. Denial, ruining, post orgasm torture. It is more blessed to give than receive but I’m up for both!

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