Day two I was told to wear sexy lingerie under my work clothes, black lacey bra, satin panties and black thigh high stockings. I was so perky and only slightly distracted, I did my job just fine but oh my gosh I was so wet. It was really fun and sexy and kept me aroused all day. I hope I’m given that assignment again! I’ve been a good girl, edging but no cumming, day two wasn’t too bad but I’m definitely missing my daily orgasms.

At bedtime I was tossing and turning and fighting with the idea of just makling myself cum. Daddy texted and I admitted I was struggling with the idea of just making myself cum, I was fighting the urge. He responded that I couldn’t cum, I didn’t have permission. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Suddenly I didn’t need to fight the urge to cum, it wasn’t my choice. Reframing my struggle made such a difference. Rather than struggling to not masturbate I was reveling in suffering because Daddy wanted me that way. And he was proud of me. It was still hard to sleep, my cunny was all throbbing and empty.

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