Long time lurker here, who found your recent post – commentary on girls who do anal to preserve their “chastity” interesting. 

When younger, I spent a good chunk of years with a boyfriend who refused to have vaginal sex. It was his “hang up.” He was too paranoid about possible pregnancy, despite all measures (birth control and condom, btw). 

I’m not religious, at least not of a faith that stresses “chastity” but we only did anal due to his “hang up.”

I actually had my first orgasm through anal and came to enjoy it. But I considered myself to be “a virgin." 

Shocked my later boyfriend, now Sir, who had heard from me I was a virgin but apparently though that anal should have counted. When he found out I was already into it, he was floored – and very happily pleased. 

I bet he was! If it were me I’d have been tempted to just keep you that way, keep teasing you about your ‘virginity’, fingers sliding in your wet little pussy while my cock only ever took you in the ass. 

Of course I wouldn’t let you cum from even that though, no we’d perfect anal edging. It’d take a while but it would be worth it.

Lovely confession, thank you!

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