This is an ingenious suggestion. I’m totally game for this. If you hadn’t made it anonymously you’d have been getting your own reward right now! And so, we have…

The Great Female Orgasm Denial Literotica Search

Okay my lovely denial sluts, here’s the task:

You are to search Literotica or other similar erotic story sites for three good orgasm denial stories.

If you meet all the rules below you will be allowed to cum, if you fail, you will be on no touch for a day and denied for a week with a minimum of four edges a day before you can even ask to be allowed to cum.

I will state right now, these rules are really unfair, suck it up. Basically, if I don’t like the stories you send, even one out of the three, you fail the task. And I’m picky, really fucking picky.

  • The stories must be sent to be via the submit link (as you can’t post links on an ask, sorry). If you want me to repost it anonymously, just tell me.
  • All three stories are to be submitted to me in one single submission
  • For each of the three stories you must put the title, author and write a very short description of it, along with key themes so that people can decide if it’s their kind of thing. A short review of it by yourself is very welcome but not necessary.
  • You must then add a bullet pointed list hyperlinking to every chapter (if it has more than one) written as Chapter 1 etc. not the raw links (submission page gives you this option – highlight the word Chapter 1 and choose the add link button).
  • The stories must be complete, none of this half finished malarky (unless it’s AMAZING and kind of stands alone). If just one chapter of a story features denial, link the whole thing but highlight that one with a note.
  • The stories must have good use of grammar and punctuation (not perfect, just good enough).
  • And hardest of all, I must like it! You have plenty to go on from all I post to this blog.
  • Orgasm denial needs to be part of the story but not the overall theme if it’s still good. I don’t want any stories with underage, gore or scat content at all. At least two of the three have to be about FEMALE orgasm denial and it’s better if they all are.
  • If someone else has sent even one of the stories you have then you fail, BUT you will get the chance to resubmit the non-duplicates with another story after a week of denial.
  • You should edge before you begin this task, while you do it, and not cum until I’ve confirmed you are allowed to, or that you’ve failed and are denied for a week.
  • There is a bonus secret reward for a fourth ‘worst story’ submission that can be added to the three you’ve sent. Just add a note as to why it’s so crushingly bad – I’m sure you’ll find many as you work on this task.
  • I’m free to change these rules however I want at any time and you’ll just have to suck it up (you love it really). I may also impose varying rewards or punishments on you according to your submission and how I’m feeling at the time. 

There are over 100,000 stories on Literotica alone. Orgasms are awaiting. 

Fly my lovelies, FLY!

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