Hey, look at that! I’m caught up!  

Today’s task is to let the Wheel of Denial decide my fate.  I will admit that I’ve spun the wheel before in a “just to see” kind of way, in one of my more curious moods but I’ve been too nervous to really go for it with the wheel.  Apparently, this angered the wheel, as you’ll see with my second and third spinning sessions.  Yes, sessions.

The first spin was just after I woke up at 10:00 and I landed on a no touch space.  So until I spun again, I couldn’t touch.  I didn’t think it was going to be hard but then I decided to read other people’s Advent denial journals and I also noticed that my natural seated position when I’m on my couch is with a hand between my legs.  Not necessarily rubbing or anything, but my instinct is to sit with a hand against my pussy.

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Another wonderful journal from Sammy, showing just how the wheels of denial (or frankly any tasks) should be handled – if there’s a reason you can’t do it, innovate and have fun doing what you can.
Fabulous stuff Sammy, enjoy the new attention.

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