Yup, that’s what I think of this day after finishing the task. Kept me soaking the entire day.

As soon as I’ve seen that today’s task will be 10 edges, each one done differently, I knew it’s going to be a difficult one. Especially that I wasn’t home alone this day.

Right after I woke up I went for a quick and simple edge, rubbing the hell out of my clit. I was surprised that I didn’t need any lube – I was still wet from last night’s edge. Do I need to mention that after just one edge my pussy got all throbbing and wanting some more? Thankfully I had a long day ahead of me, full of edges. Shame I couldn’t be as loud as I wanted to be.

I tried to be creative with my edges, however it wasn’t that easy while not being the only person in the house. So I took every chance I could to make it work. Here’s how the edges looked like:

1) The one right after waking up

2) Still in bed, rubbing my clit while I was laying on my stomach

3) On the cabinet in front of the main door – I took advantage of the fact I was on my own for a couple minutes, so I sat there with my legs wide open, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit

4) Another one while I was alone for a little while – on my knees, bent over my bed, fucking my pussy really hard with a dildo and spanking myself

5) In the bathroom, squatting over a dildo

6) For this one I did something I’ve never done before – I decided to ride a dildo in front of a window, showing my bare ass and pussy. It was already dark outside and I believe no one has seen me, but still that’s something I wouldn’t normally do. Surprising myself again!

7) Humping a pillow – that one was definitely the most intense one, almost got me over the edge and left me super wet

8) On a chair, with my legs bound to it

9) With my hands tied, so I couldn’t use them in any way – I went for a dildo ride first, but wasn’t able to edge that way, so I finished off in a missionary position, rubbing my clit to help myself get to the edge

10) Started with anal play, but also couldn’t edge that way, so I finished it off in the shower, teasing my clit with a shower head

I also edged one more time in the morning, but it wasn’t different from the first one, so I didn’t count it.

All I can say after finishing is that the task was very tiring and frustrating. Both of my holes are sore, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my Sunday. It might get interesting during the week, with going to work I’m just hoping it won’t get too distracting.

Great effort, Butterfly! That’s exactly what the purpose of this one was, to get you to experience different ways of edgng that you hadn’t before.
Very impressed with the window one in particular!

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