So, I have something special for you all for the next 23ish hours.

I recently challenged a denial obsessed friend of mine to write down those fantasies that she’d never dared talk or write about before, in order to earn a ruined orgasm.

She completed the task so magnificently that she earned a possible upgrade, to a full orgasm, if she’d be prepared to share her most intimate fantasies with all of you too.

She agreed.

(Given her biggest kink besides denial is degradation and humiliation, that wasn’t a huge surprise.)

It’s an anonymous, private tumblr blog, which means it’s accessible using just a password. So you can’t reblog, or even like them.

So if you would like to add comments, and make her squirm, and tell her just how hot, or disgusting, or both, her dark fantasies are, then I encourage you to use the comments on this post for that. Maybe say which are your favourites, or be shocked at how a ‘good girl’ could even get off thinking about things like that.

She’s now at work, knowing you lot are about to delve into her darkest fantasies – wearing an inflatable dildo to stop her drenching her trousers.

She’ll be cumming when she gets home, reading your comments.

This is the blog:

secretsandkink.tumblr.com (it’s a smart link that’ll count how many people visit it, just to make her squirm even more – if that doesn’t work for some reason here’s the direct link)

The password is also: secretsandkink

Obviously this is NSFW so you have to be logged in and over 18 to view. Some are struggling to access via the phone app so you may need to log in via your browser – this worked for me.

12noon UK time tomorrow it’ll be changed, and you won’t be able to read them any more.

Trigger warnings: There’s plenty of non-consent, some infibulation, and watersports in there, so if that isn’t your thing, move on.

About fantasies

As I’ve said before, thinking these kind of things is actually quite normal. if you’re a horny little whatsit then having fantasies like these means just one thing – you have a beautifully creative mind. They are just fantasies. It doesn’t mean you want them in real life. For example, non-consent fantasies, especially rape, are consistently one of the most common among all women. You should not feel guilty about them It’s okay. It is just a fantasy.

Similarly though, you shouldn’t let yourself get obsessed with them. I had a message this week from someone telling me they were obsessed with a very, very dark topic, so dark I’m not even replying to it directly, asking me if that was okay. And my answer is don’t feel guilty about it but it’s not good for you, and she knew that, or she wouldn’t be asking. 

It’s okay to go paddling in the sea of dark fantasies, that’s your mind being creative and letting off steam, but don’t go swimming out in those dark waters, or you might just drown in them. 

Mix it up, you know what’s good for you. Trust your instincts before they get too blunted. 

If you’ve got a fantasy you’d like to share, message me with it or send it in an ask – maybe I’ll turn it into a caption and you’ll see it come to life on the blog.

In the meantime, enjoy these, they are GREAT, and maybe they’ll spark some new ones for you!


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