hi james – long-time fan of your blog, looking for some advice. most of the time when i edge, it’s with my clit. however, my clit has never been all that sensitive. it takes a lot of vibrator power or hours of teasing by hand to even get to an edge. even as i edge more, the sensitivity just isn’t there. do you have any suggestions on boosting sensitivity? i was thinking about trying a clit pump before i edge, but i was curious if you had any other ideas. thank you! // -josie

Hi Josie,

So clit pumps definitely can help with sensitivity, but they’re a bit annoying to get reliant on. ‘Orgasm balm’ can help too, it’s basically dilute menthol rub, that helps bring blood to the surface and so make you more sensitive.

The major advice I’d give you though is just to mix up what you’re doing first. Try some different positions, and most of all combining clit play with penetration/g-spot stimulation, and especially nipple play. You may find the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Also, read back on what I said about breathing for edging recently, and do the complete opposite! Use big breaths to build up ‘pressure’ as you edge harder, and try holding your breath when you’re really close to push yourself over.

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