From what I hear this is often a painful and boring time of year for many, so let’s spice it up (I’m thankful we don’t do Thanksgiving in the UK…)

What’s that Mr Turkey, we’re both getting stuffed this Thanksgiving? You’re so right!

Here’s a denial task for you to do this Thanksgiving, or any family gathering that you’d like to make more, interesting. Obviously your specific circumstances will differ so change it to what works, but here’s some ideas to try.

From now to Thanksgiving you are not allowed to cum. You must edge every day at least twice, with five edges on Tuesday, and no touch all day Wednesday.

On one day if you haven’t tried it before, explore stuffing your pussy, with some panties, or a dildo, or something else safe. If it goes well, you’re going to do it for Thanksgiving Dinner, so you’re testing out if you can.

If your family have the tradition, you are to plan in advance what you are going to say you’re thankful for. Your objective is to make someone at the table cry, (in a good way!).

On Thursday morning you are to start the day with a good hard edge, but don’t go over.

Then I want you to go to the bathroom, edge again for a few minutes looking into your own eyes, and then use a marker pen or lipstick (careful it marks clothing) to write ‘I’m thankful for orgasm denial’ across your body.

We’d love you to send us a picture, but no pressure, it’s mostly about how it makes you feel. You can do a picture clothed or semi clothed or naked and as anonymous as you want, it’s just for fun. Submit them to or send them to me in a message, or email them to – in all cases I will post them here anonymously unless you specifically ask me to link it with your account. You may also send them and say you don’t want it shared at all. That’s very sweet of you.

If you can take your picture on a giant turkey you will win the internets

Unless it’s your period you are not allowed to wear panties for Thanksgiving. Alternatively you may stuff your pussy and have panties over the top, or even better a crotch rope. Your best best is probably saving this to just before the meal.

Dress in something you feel sexy in, push yourself (you can change into it later in the day if that’s how you do things). Personally I’d have you all in dresses with stockings, heels and no panties, but that’s just me. Pick whatever you feel sexy in.

You are to quickly edge once before the meal, at which point you stuff your pussy or plug your ass, ready for dinner, if you are doing that and haven’t already.

If possible, edge again during the meal (excuse yourself quickly to the bathroom or even use thigh masturbation right there) and once more afterwards.

Remember to deliver your ‘what I’m thankful for’. Your legs should be spread wide while you say it.

If you comment on my bare pussy, I will shoot you, just a head’s up

If you’re not doing it anyway, you are to offer to help clear up. Bonus for this later.

You are not allowed to look at your phone once dinner has started for three whole hours. I know, I’m evil.

Once the day is done, you are to get to bed, and edge for AT LEAST AN HOUR. During this time I encourage you to draft us an short account of how the task has been for you. Don’t send it yet. If you go over the edge during this hour you are to ruin it and you have lost your chance for an orgasm, so be careful.

If you’ve managed some or all of the above and are happy with your performance then well done, you’ve won something to be thankful for!

You get ONE spin of the Thanksgiving Wheel of Denial

You are only allowed to spin it once, when you are right at the edge of cumming already. You must follow what it gives you. No respins UNLESS you helped clear up after the meal, in which case you get a second spin!

Now finish off your write up and share it with the blog,  Submit it or send it anonymously in an ask.

Happy Thanksgiving from @female-orgasm-denial

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