Okay, well while I’m pleased that you’re so passionate about it, do get some perspective. This blog is something I run in my spare time. I needed to focus on my work this week so I could spend time over Christmas focused on my family. That came first. Life does that sometimes. Just relax and try not to get so angry or act so entitled; it’ll do you, and all those around you, the world of good.

If this blog paid my mortgage it’d be a different scenario. But I do it for fun and in my SPARE time. I didn’t have any spare time this week. But I set it up so you had a basic task every day anyway. And if you weren’t able to search for other’s denial tags, or through my 4,000+ posts to get some ideas for those days I wasn’t here then, really, that’s your problem, not mine. There’s 236 posts on this blog with the tag ‘tasks’ – you checked those, right?

As for letting many of my followers down, I saw about a dozen, wonderful people doing denial journals of the experience. Was one of them you? Unlikely anon, somehow I think that’s unlikely. 

Did you contribute when I asked for questions for the denial survey? I bet you didn’t, I only got two. Did you send a photo of the edging.space note you posted up? Nope, only one amazing follower did that. Did you bother sharing a denial journal with everyone, a basic part of the challenge I asked everyone to try, great if you did, but again I doubt it, because the way you write, anonymously, reeks of entitlement. A getter, not a giver.

In contrast I had some lovely, personal messages checking I was okay and expressing understanding. That’s the type of person we should all aspire to be.

It reminds me of the old adage, when you point a finger at someone, three more point back at you. Maybe this is a good time of year to consider why you feel it’s okay to write to people anonymously like this, and decide that’s not the type of person you want to be any more.

To those who do feel let down I couldn’t post this week, once again, I’m sorry, lovely people. I love you all, and sometimes life interrupts. And that’s okay. It just happens, and if we can choose to be people of grace and encouragement (to both others and ourselves), and not entitled takers, then this world will be a better place, and we’ll all have learnt an important lesson.

A blessed and happy Christmas to you all. I hope you enjoy the last few days of the denial challenge if you’re still participating. Today’s simple task is on the calendar and I’ll post it here soon.

James xxxx

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