You understand if you join me in here, there’s no going back? You’re giving up everything? Your job, your relationships, your life. He’s going to own you, it’s not a metaphor, trust me. I thought it was, I was wrong.

Are you sure you’re not just a little wannabe denial slut who is caught up in a fantasy? You must have done something to impress him, but I can’t see what at this point. Oh, you didn’t cum for a month? You think that’s impressive?

I’m one of his favourites and I haven’t cum this year.

You’re still sure you want this?

We’ll see. 

Strip, you don’t need clothes where you’re going. Yes, right here, right now.

Well done. Now give them to me.

We’re going for a slow drive around the block. If you’re still here when i get back, I might just think you’re worthy of him.

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