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Dear James, I just have one ask: why in the world didn’t I try this sooner?! I took part in your Advent Denial Challenge and absolutely loved it! Through an odd mix of circumstances, I had to put off the final challenge until today, so I’m working up my three edges now and once their done I’ll cum for the first time since Thanksgiving. Thank you for the challenge, for making all this possible, and for helping open my eyes to the joys of Denial. Much love – Alaska

Oh what a wonderful message, thank you Alaska! It really is wonderful! Welcome to a whole new world of feeling sexy and excited. There’s no going back.

I’ve been a bit quiet the last few days spending time with the family but there will be plenty more to inspire come the new year!

James xxx

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@daringtobeme sent this lovely picture for my 75,000 followers milestone. 😍

I’m sure you’re right, honey, you’re not the only one who wants to see those lips wrapped around my cock.

Everyone, take this dirty cunt as the example of a perfect fuckdoll:

– She is driven by a craving for cock and cum.

– She wears slutty outfits to please and look like a slut.

– She openly talks about how she wants me to use her holes, and do what I want to her.

Feel free to repost this telling her how much of a cock whore she is. 😈


I’m currently laying in my childhood bedroom reading the gorgeous filthy notes on this post of me with my fingers in my panties and grinding my hips onto my fingers. I love how your filthy minds work 😘😈😍💋💕💕💕💕

Hot damn this is one hell of a post and a thread of notes…

Hey tumblr probably banned it but if you still have it could you possibly re upload or link me to your post about how to go down on a girl?? It has seriously helped me in the past and I could use a refresher lol. Thank you for your time, I’m so glad you are still here!

I’ve actually reworked it without the explicit images for Tumblr but apparently even illustrations of sex are banned, not even kidding.

So thankfully it’s all backed up on the new blog so get your ass down there and refresh on your suck and whirl techniques!

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Ever since I followed you I’ve been able to stretch myself to 5 fingers and orgasm on command. Are you proud of me?? 😛 – sugar

I am indeed. It makes me want to break out in song…

Five fiiiingeeerrs (who can see where this is going)
Four edges
Three ruins
Two holes to stuff
An an orgasm on command…

Merry Christmas all you filthy animals

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Hi Master, I’m wearing nothing except for my knickers. I need you to deep throat me now. I’m squirming each time you post because I like to reenact every photo with myself. Give me that large cock of yours because I am so hungry and my pussy is always wet for you. I would deny my orgasms a thousand times just for you Master. Send out a thumbs up if you want me to message you. I would love for you to direct me what to do. I’m not a little girl anymore. I can do BIG things and anything you’d like.

My wife be all:

And I’m all like:

Nonetheless the thought is appreciated, so…