Please say it…

You know the word. You know what I mean. Say it whenever you can. You know I want it, crave it, need it, more than anything else.

Sometimes I ask things. Sometimes I demand. Sometimes I pout and whine and twist your words in an effort to get you to say anything else. But don’t do that. Please say it.

Make me surrender to it. ‘Cause that’s when I’m at peace. Use it against me to make me work for the things I want. ‘Cause that’s where I show my devotion. Inhibit me from making mistakes. ‘Cause after all, it’s for my own good. Drive me up the walls by giving or taking something similar but not at all to the thing I was asking. ‘Cause making me squirm and beg and plead is a wonderful thing. Then say it again. ‘Cause watching me fold into us when I’m not allowed to beg and plead is magic in my eyes.

Even when it’s hard

Even when I ask something you want

Make it your decision and please… say it.

This is so beautiful.

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