No touch week

So I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up my pussy and clit for good. I’m anal only for some time already. I don’t remember when exactly was the last time I had vaginal sex, but I’m sure it was spring still. So I’m counting from the start of this summer, which makes almost three months now. But I do edge and the only way I’m able to is by clit stimulation.

The basic rules for me now are quite simple. I cum only with my man and only on Saturdays. To be allowed an orgasm I have to collect points during the week. I get them for giving pleasure to him, edging and keeping myself pretty. It’s not hard actually and we both love it. So, what’s this all about?

The thing is, ever since I told him about my kink and he took control of my orgasms, my mind keeps reaching further. I just can’t stop fantasizing about all the ways I could be denied even more.

So, I’m asking for a bit of help here. I will not touch my greedy clit for this week. (I started on Monday, so I suppose I might have to skip my weekly orgasm on Saturday also). This is a big deal for me. And I could use all the encouragement I can possibly get. Even a simple like will make it easier. But please send me messages and asks. Tell me I’m doing right. Tell me it’s for my own good. Tell me how long should I go without touching. And tease me about it. Pretty please.

This is fabulous. Come on people, help her out!

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