Update: Day 1

So, I really want to sneak upstairs and use my hitachi for a quick orgasm, but I can’t. I think this is the first moment that it’s hitting me that this is real. My tits and my clit have my full attention right now. I haven’t even started edging or touching yet (although I will be starting in a few minutes, I just wanted to write the thoughts while they were fresh).

I have scrolled through tumblr a bit, so maybe that’s what got me going. The girl with the giant Ben Wa balls, omg. I have to watch it with the sound off because her “cute” voice turns me off, but omg I’ve just been thinking about what those would feel like inside. Imagining walking around with those… ok, yep, I’m going to go do my first edge…

You are so fucked.
Loving it.

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