JuNO is coming!

JuNO is coming, but i solemnly promise to all
of you, i won’t be. Well, at least i will try. 30 hard days without a
single orgasm but daily edging.

Will i make it? i am not sure, but you will never know until you try, right? 🙂

of the worst things in the world is girls getting their cummies on
whenever they want. This really spoils us and turns us into feisty
bitches. So i love all those events and challenges that improve the
world. i encourage all girls to try for this as well. 30 days without
cummies is probably too much, but it is not about succeeding, it is
about doing our best!

So everyone please read: and
think about joining. Failing is Ok, the attempt alone makes us better

So get your last good orgasms tonight, and be ready for tomorrow!

i will try to post some updates about how i am doing. Watch out for #junojournal on my blog.

@the=modern-female being a good Edging Evangelist! Great intro, thank you!

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