I wasn’t really into msub before, but god, the things I want to do to a guy. I wanna tie him up immobile, just tease his cock with a feather until he’s leaking and babbling, almost sobbing. Then use something, maybe a fleshlight + fucking machine, or a hitachi with that sleeve attachment, and use that to let him come. Then just leave it on. Sit there and watch as his moans turn into screams and he starts begging for mercy.

Also, I love seeing cock leak from inside it’s chastity cage. Like, I don’t really know how dicks work, but I guess that’s a prostate thing? Like, I wanna peg a dude, slowly, just teasing him, and watch his cock leak. I wanna make him beg, to spill the months and months worth of come in his aching balls.

Have you been talking to my wife? This all sounds disturbingly familiar.
Fucking Locktober.

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