As the door swung open, the group looked down at the glassy-eyed blonde that was rutting rhythmically with the artificial dog on the floor.  On all fours, she raised her rump high in the air, moving it back and forth repeatedly, thudding against it dully without even noticing the people now darkening the doorway.

“Well, here’s Valerie, everyone,” one man announced, gesturing in a mock-grandiose fashion to the nearly-naked pet woman on the ground.

Light chuckling filled the air as the group took in the sight.  Last week, this very same group had met with Valerie when she still had her brains, a recent graduate from Northwestern University, who promised to fight the petgirl industry with tooth and nail. 

“As you can see, she’s come around to our point of view,” the man continued with a smile, “in fact, when her master isn’t around, you can see she keeps herself quite busy.  Spot here is the alpha of the household when I’m not here, and she’s not quite smart enough to figure out that he’s just a hunk of wood and carpet samples, so she submits to him all day.  It’s cute, I think.”

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Damn, how have I not seen this blog before… some seriously twisted shit. I’m in!

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