Hi Bobbi, loving this! I’d totally forgotten about that mindfuck!

Can’t wait to hear how it is after three days!

For a more advanced version, I just found this 45 minute cumpiliation (yes that’s really what they call them). Edge watching this with earphones in, no cumming until you’ve done it at least three times over three days.

And here’s a couple of other mantras to try (that don’t go to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot this time…)

I want cum
I want cum on my face
I need cum
To put me
      in my place

Not in me but on me
A thick hot load,
Mark me as yours
On my face you explode

Then write in, like Bobbi. Give us your ratings, how you felt about getting sprayed with cum, before, and after! (This is science, people).

There’s so much good stuff like this, don’t forget to browse the archive

Let me know if you find favourite tasks or captions or whatever, I’ll repost them for everyone to enjoy!

This really was a good training mind fuck no doubt. Did the first one when it was posted and started out around a 3/10. Didn’t mind swallowing but hated cum on my face. After 3 days it was around a 7/10. Then repeated it the following week for 5 days then a 7 day try. Now I love it like 9.5/10 or higher. Oral and anal only with my pussy denied all summer.

More reports of success, that’s wonderful, good girl Ashley!
I think I’ll make another anal mind fuck too.

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