No I’m afraid not, for ordinary students being shaved is part of the uniform and seen as an important discipline (waxing is not allowed unless you are a final year student).

While it’s not officially condoned, many of the older girls take a ‘batgirl’ from the fresh intake and part of their duties are to shave and exfoliate the older girl’s bodies (as well as regular oral sex and other tasks as required).

Pubic hair isn’t frowned upon at all though, it’s just seen as a reward rather than a right. Prefects and the head girl are allowed to style themselves any way they prefer as a sign of superiority, although frankly many still shave out of habit or the fact they like making their juniors do it. (Most shaving sessions are an excuse for receiving a long oral edging from their batgirl – something often done in groups, just to add to the experience). 

And female teachers do as they please (after their first year of service). Miss Oracle, who teaches oral sex 101 keeps her pubes deliberately long to give the girls a contrasting experience to practise on.

I hope that answers your question.

The Headmaster

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