“Can you hear me okay?” I smiled, so happy to hear his voice. “Mhmm” was my only answer. I’m still quite shy when it comes to talking, but he is a patient dom. “Get your vibe on your clit” My clit was still tingling from the previous edges, and I started to hope that he might let me cum today. I let out a quiet moan, it felt so good to vibe my clit, and I could feel the orgasm building in me, again. I imagined being on display, being an entertainment girl on a party, not allowed to stop, not allowed to cum. Just entertaining the guests with only a vibe and my cunt.

His voice interrupted my filthy thoughts “get your dildo”. I crawled over my bed to my toy drawer. When I came back to him he told me to slide the tip up and down between my pussy lips. He always does that, and I hate it. I just wanted to feel it in me, but I knew begging would only make him deny me that pleasure even longer. When he told me to slide the tip in me I held back a little whimper. Now the cruel tease would start. I wouldn’t be allowed to fuck the dildo the way I wanted it. I wouldn’t even be allowed to slide it in me.

I was more than surprised when he told me to slide it in completely, to the base. Seemed like he was in a good mood, maybe he would let me cum for real. When I obeyed his command I couldn’t think straight anymore, it felt so good. It seemed to set a wave of pleasure free which was there, hidden in me. I didn’t even care that the dildo hit my cervix, it felt too amazing to pull back.

“Now put it in your mouth”. My face started blushing when he said that. I had licked the dildo clean often, and he regularly made me suck my fingers after dipping them in my cunt, but he never heard me doing this. I tried desperately to hide any gag reflex. It would be too embarrasing if he could hear it. His “deeper” didn’t help me. I actually managed to remain very quiet until he told me to fuck my pussy 100 times for him, counting every 10.

I sometimes feel dizzy when I’m fucking my cunt with my dildo. I just breath too fast, so I’m basically hyperventilating. That happened again, so I tried to slow down my breathing. I didn’t want to stop, it felt so good. But his instructions on how to use the dildo didn’t make breathing slowly easier. When I was done doing the 100 strokes he requested he wanted me to do 200. I started to count again.

30 No no, focus on the numbers, ignore how good the dildo feels!

Wait, that weren’t ten, were they? I will just say 40, maybe he won’t notice

What did I just say, did I say 50 or 60? Oh god this dildo feels so good, I can’t focus.

I can’t wait too long or he will notice
60 Okay, he didn’t say anything, it seemed to be right
70 Did I just count 74 or 78? Ugh, I don’t know, fucking numbers.

Okay, I think that were ten, I should say the next number now.


“James, I lost count…”
He just laughed. “Then start over”

Okay, I can do that.


20 Ugh I start to lose focus again, what did I just say?

30 damn, this dildo feels so good. I could do this all day

Fuck, what’s the next number, I don’t remember, do I have to say 50 or 90 now?

“Umm, what number comes next?”
“Oh dear, you lost count again? Well, you just have to start over then”

I will be stuck here forever



Focusing is really hard when a dildo is rubbing all the sweet spots inside you, but I actually managed to reach 200 this time. I was very proud of myself.

We took a little break because I felt very dizzy from breathing too fast. The dildo just makes it so hard to breath normal… When I calmed down after a couple of minutes he started to explain a game he wanted to play.

“Okay baby, we will play a little game now. You have to do 20 strokes with the dildo in 5 minutes, you can use the vibe at the same time. You are not allowed to look at a timer or clock of some kind. If you manage to do the 20th stroke 15 seconds near the end of my timer I will let you cum.”

Do you have any idea how hard it is to guess when 5 minutes are over, even if you are not having a vibe pressed on your clit? I thought I can’t just guess, I wouldn’t get it right… Luckily I have a clock which tick tock noise is quite loud. So I decided I just count the seconds, it couldn’t be so hard. Well… It was hard. It was more than hard. I had to count the seconds and the dildo strokes (those out loud) and sometimes talk to James too. All while being extremely aroused.

When I reached the 19th stroke I started to get nervous. Counting the seconds was so difficult, what if I had made a mistake? Wasn’t there a minute left? Okay, I guess that’s five minutes now…


“Okay, good girl, get to the edge and then we’ll see if you were right”

I was so excited, I thought I got it right! Counting the seconds was such a good idea! I would get to cum now! When I reached the edge I asked immediately if I could cum. After he made me edge some more I asked again. His answer was “no, ruin it for me”.

The ruin was cruel, I’ve had a lot of fucking, and this always makes the ruins worse. When I stopped crying he told me that I was a whole minute too late. I counted one minute too much…Yeah, I was frustrated. I had been so sure. “Please let my try again” I begged him, I was sure that I could get it right this time. But James is too creative to play the same game twice, he just changed the rules a bit!

The time limit was again 5 minutes, but this time I had to ask if I can cum 20 seconds near the end of his timer. If I ask too early or too late I would have to ruin it again. And of course this meant also that I only have 5 minutes to get back to the edge, which is usually very hard for me, because I’m so sensitive. But I was lucky this time, I got back to the edge in under 2 minutes! Now I just had to hold it and count the seconds. James’ whispered “Don’t ask too early” was driving me insane every time he said it. I lost count all the time and had to guess where I was.

Once I reached my 4 minutes I got nervous.

Okay, I have to say it now
“May I cum please?”

I just hoped that I was in the time limit, my clit was still hurting from the ruin, and my pussy was leaking. Everything in me craved that orgasm. It felt like my whole body was on fire, and I’m sure he could feel the heat of my body through the phone. Anyway, his answer to my question was: “Ruin it again”

Well this time I was only 7 seconds too late. So at least I got better at counting! It was still frustrating, and the ruined orgasm was so cruel…

After we stopped talking I noticed that my pussy and my thighs were a complete mess. There was a wet spot on my bed sheet, and the dildo was dripping. Seems like my pussy loves to be denied. And, well, I love it too. It’s just so awesome. I absolutely loved these games. I guess because it’s completely my fault if I fail. I can’t blame him. And I love that.

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