The Japanese village had been terrorised by the spirits for years, until one night the chief’s daughter stayed up too late and discovered what they really wanted.

She staggered home, naked, her holes dripping with ectoplasm, and for the first time in years the spirits left them alone…for a week.

And so it was, that once a week, the virgins of the village were bound into the stocks and left for the spirits to take their satisfaction all night long. Their noble sacrifice bringing peace to all the rest of the villagers.

It didn’t take long for the village elders to notice the effect on the girls. They kept disappearing off during the day, their usually modest appearances slowly changing as they wore less and less clothing. The chief asked his daughter but she refused to tell him what was going on. Finally his wife coerced the answer.

‘The filling each week is doing something to them,’ she explained. ‘They, are no longer able to satisfy themselves, if you understand what I mean. And yet the need to do so grows greater with every passing day. They are insatiable, the young men of the village don’t know what to do with all their attention.’

‘How unfortunate,’ replied the chief, musing the situation. ‘We will do something about it, don’t worry my wife.’

And good to his word that next weekend the girls had a respite from the spirits’ attentions (much to their frustration, it was the only way they could be satisfied). Instead it was all the wives of the village elders who found themselves bound in the stocks.

They could alternate weeks from now on.

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