Who wants to be an Edge Puppet?

A special treat for all you denial sluts, something I’ve been saving up.

It’s the work of the fabulous @neuralnetsandprettypatterns​ and somehow I’d missed this one – it’s an audio hes made called Edge Puppet.

I’ve checked out a lot of this kind of stuff and alongside the famous Cals Curse, NNPP’s work is some of my favourite. 

You can find all his work on his Patreon:

A real warning on this, while it’s not directly hypnotic, the idea or something like this which is using women’s voices, to my mind anyway, is for you to listen until the words become your own. The voices become your voice. It’s very powerful. Read the notes on the page you can listen to it on:


Ideally you want to listen to it while watching something else, which is easy enough on a computer but sometimes harder on a phone. So if you need to download the file you can do it here. Click ‘download video’ then on the next page where it starts playing, click the three dots to download it to your phone.

That way you can then play it in your phone music app while you watch other things…

…such as this I just made for you all:

Edge Puppet Gooninator

It makes a slideshow of tumblr images, pretty effectively I think. Feel free to change or add your own favourites and mess with the settings but this is a good starting point, some hypno, edging and spiral themed gifs.

Alternatively you could just work through your favourite tumblrs and porn, but here’s what I recommend for your weekend’s task.

Session One

This is an introductory session where you’re going to listen to the audio, get comfortable with it, and do some gentle edging. It’ll take about an hour. You are only allowed to stimulate with your fingers when told to, no toys, no humping, and for now, JUST audio, no visuals.

  1. Get yourself relaxed and comfortable, wearing loose clothing, somewhere you have some privacy and hopefully won’t be disturbed. Get the file playing on your phone, it is ESSENTIAL use listen to it using headphones, not through speakers. That’s how it has it’s full effect.
  2. Listen through the audio once – you are NOT allowed to touch during the 21 minutes this takes. Just listen, make sure you’re happy with all the content, don’t let yourself get too caught up with it, yet.
  3. Assuming that’s the case, and now you know what you’re letting yourself in for – strip down to just your panties. Kneel, on the bed or floor. Turn the audio up a little, and begin to touch yourself. But not where you want to most. Play with your nipples, breasts, stroke your skin, spread your legs, but absolutely no touching between your legs – clit, pussy and bottom are all out of bounds. Keep your eyes shut or watch yourself in the mirror. 
  4. For the third time listening through you get to touch yourself, play with your clit, pussy and asshole as you wish BUT just SOFT edges, that means gentle playing, never getting close enough to orgasm that you could cum, on purpose, or by accident.
  5. At this point you may want to take a break, get some water, use the loo, just check you’re happy with how it’s all going. Maybe add a note to this post saying how you’ve found it so far. Ready? Time to add visuals.

Session Two

This time we’re going to add some visual stimulus. I’ve created the Gooninator with a selection of gifs that I think could be good (although they are random from those blogs so some of them might be a bit out of context). YOU CAN CUSTOMISE THIS by removing the tumblrs in the bottom left corner, or typing in your favourites and adding them to the mix! Again, fingers only, no toys, no humping.

  1. Put on the Gooninator, either on a computer screen or your phone. Have it close to your face so it fills your vision as best as possible. On a computer sit near it, on a phone, lie back and hold it close.
  2. Again, first time listening to the file you ONLY get to watch and listen. No touching at all.
  3. Second time listening you are to be NAKED and if you are, you may touch, but just soft edges again as before.
  4. Third time listening, for the first time, you can edge properly. I want you playing with your clit, nipples, pussy and ideally masturbating your bottom too. Let the words become your words. Start to say them yourself now you’re getting to know it better.
  5. Now, you’re on full edging mode. Listening, watching, add some different tumblrs to the gooninator if you wish. Put the audio on a LOOP, and see how long you can last. Two rules – if you get so close you have to stop rubbing, you are NOT allowed to rub for the rest of that loop. 2 – if you accidentally go over you are to pull your hand away, let the orgasm ruin, and then flick your nipples and clit hard three times each before you begin rubbing again. But good girls don’t cum without permission so I’m sure you won’t, will you. Good girl

That’s probably enough for the day, so no touching when you aren’t listening to the audio. That’s the general rule for this task. However, if you feel like it then I suggest you put the audio on loop as you get into bed and listen to it while you go to sleep. You can do soft edges in bed, but don’t get carried away.

Depending how much time you have over the next couple of days then I want you listening to the audio and edging as much as you can.

If you want a change on the audio then you have a few other options on Soundgasm by NNPP


You also have the classic Cals Curse:


And Nimja’s stuff is good too: https://hypno.nimja.com/listen/83-edging_and_denial

But I recommend the Edge Puppet audio is the main one for this task.

The rest of the weekend

I want your goal each day to be at least three edging sessions listening to the audio, watching the gooninator or porn and NOT cumming, If you keep going over try switching to Cals Curse and see if that helps. If you ruin or cum during any of these sessions you have to listen to a whole extra loop while not touching below your waist, and then do an extra edging session without going over to prove you can do it.

Here’s a few extra tasks for you to try and fit in the weekend. From this point on you can use toys, I especially recommend suction cup dildos. For those who like the element of chance, role a dice to see which you have to do!

  1. Pick one sex toy (including DIY ones) to use for each loop you listen to. It is the only thing you’re allowed to use until the next loop. If you want, throw a dice to choose which you can use each time
  2. Edge in front of a mirror for a whole loop, watching yourself
  3. Send a trusted friend the link to this post and tell them you’re doing it, how hot it is, and ask if they want to do it too
  4. Listen to a loop while you edge, either outside your room, or even outside your house, depending on how brave you feel
  5. Edge with your door slightly open, in as exposed position as you dare, from under the covers, to on all fours bare ass up in the air towards the door.
  6. Listen to the recording in public, go shopping, or for a walk or anywhere you can while listening to the audio on a loop – bonus points for secret public edging

If you want things extra intense and happen to have a pair of VR googles – the type your phone fits in, then try edging watching the gooninator files (or 3D porn), wearing those, with the audio up nice and high. If you don’t have them they’re super cheap on Amazon e.g. https://amzn.to/2PFIine – just find one that fits your phone.

Pornhub even have an app for VR porn – https://www.pornhub.com/apps/android or just download it to your phone with the link under the normal vids, seems to be free! https://www.pornhub.com/vr

Let us know in the notes below if you’re going to try some or all of this, ideas to add to it, and if you like the whole idea of tasks like this which I can build on in future.

What’s more, submit your own experiences or send an ask anonymously with how you’ve found it, it’s great to share! http://edging.space/ask

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