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For the period anon – if you want close to 0 blood to deal with while you play with yourself I recommend a menstrual cup! I’ve had one in while I’ve been eaten out/I know some friends who wear them during sex and it keeps the blood in really well!!

Dammit I ALWAYS FORGET MENSTRUAL CUPS. My wife uses the fucking things, how do I not remember. Oh yes, because I have a penis and only bleed from shaving…

Thanks OP, you’re a star. 

Also, only have sex with one in if the guy’s not got a big dick, or else he might come out looking like, well remarkably like this:

Dammit now I want a penis santa hat.

How can I edge on my period??

There’s a few options

  1. Use a tampon, it’ll get fuller faster due to how wet you get but it keeps it all neat and tidy, so just be prepared to change it earlier
  2. Edge in the shower – this is the easiest option and what a lot do
  3. Lie on a towel, just so you don’t worry about making a mess
  4. If you use pads, just be read to clean up afterwards quickly

It’s important to remember that edging can have two very different impacts when you’re having your period. For some it makes the cramps way worse and for others, it makes them much better. Go figure.

If you’ve never done it during your period it’s absolutely worth trying, in case you’re part of the latter group. But if it makes them worse then frankly, fuck that. Unless you’re a masochist of course, in which case fill ya boots.

Periods are a pain in the booty and I’m often thankful that I don’t have them but they are natural, normal things. Seeing them as unclean or bad, besides the painful bit, is just silly. One in four of most women are having their period right now. So maybe hold off edging at the heaviest and most painful bits, if it doesn’t help, but after two or three days most of you should be able to get right back on the denial bandwagon.

Any other tips my lovely followers, help a denial slut out…

Hi James, I am a 22yr old virgin who came across your account by mistake. After following and reading through it, i realised that every “orgasm” I’ve had whilst masturbating was actually a ruin. Wtf. I feel like my life is a lie. What do I do now? Where do I go from here? What would you have me do? On a side note, where in the UK are you from? Just so I can imagine your accent whilst reading the posts.

Well, the good news is at least you know now! I had a 60 year old woman write to me with the same revelation once, imagine that…

In terms of what to do, you need to…

Oh wait a minute, accent right… I’m a well spoken English chap, grew up in Surrey mostly. I’ve been told I have a ‘voice for radio’, (I’m pretty sure it was voice, not face). I’m a singer too,  bass baritone, so quite a melodic voice, and you can imagine me whispering all these dirty things in your ear knowing that when I say ‘please’ it’s never because I’m asking.

Good enough?

So what you need to do, is cum. Cum a lot. For now. Get over the ‘living a lie’ thing and reframe it as ‘I appear to be a natural denial slut’.

I suggest fingers first time, if you can, then a vibe. It’ll take you some time to get used to keeping rubbing as you climax, but you will. If you’re little virgin pussy can handle it I suggest you get the dildo I recommend on my toys page and learn to cum from being fucked too. It’s ever so handy.

Just don’t get used to it.

A girl who’s ruined all her orgasms is destined to be a denial slut, don’t you think?

So be a good girl, get your hand between your legs, and start rubbing. Please.

PS Then again, some really fucked up little virgin sluts would find the thought of never having had a full orgasm a huge turn on, and would hope I’d actually tease them about it, tell them how good a full orgasm is, promise them to teach them, and then deny them anyway. Call them my little virgin ‘brand new in box’ denial slut and decide that’s how they should be kept. THAT kind of girl, well she needs to be brave and message me directly…

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I just started following you and seeing your post amongst all the normal posts every once in a while is such a turn on especially with the risk of someone looking at my computer and opening up tumblr and seeing one of your postsss

You are my hero.

I mean it.

Oh we could turn this into a game… how about, if you open tumblr, and one of my posts is FIRST in the dashboard, then you have to do a task. Fun huh!

Here’s a list of possible tasks, you could have to work through them if you don’t want to have to pick:

  • Like the post (assuming you have your likes public)
  • Edge then and there, or somewhere private if you’re not alone as soon as possible
  • Lose your panties for the rest of the day
  • Reblog the post with ‘I <3 edging’ below it
  • Reply to the next text you receive, no matter who it’s from with ‘I’m so horny’ and then ‘OMG, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you’ (or not)
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1 Year Denial Anniversary.


1 year. One full year of denial. It sounds so crazy and so surreal, but what’s actually crazy is that it is, in fact entirely and completely real. Today marks one full year without a single orgasm. 

In hindsight it looks so easy, it feels so smooth. But then i remember all of the times i’ve cried over the idea of an orgasm, and all of the times i squirmed and screamed wishing i could just let myself go over the edge. I think of all of the times i was so close, so close i could almost feel it, but instead i close my legs and feel my whole body ache for a single second of pleasure. 

It’s been this intensely paradoxical journey of extreme ups and downs, of extreme pleasure and extreme desperation. I can’t count all of the times i’ve been on the edge. I can’t count all of the times i’ve been afraid to even touch myself in fear of not being able to control myself. 

I can’t forget the days where i had to edge with a paintbrush, the days where i was so sensitive i could cry from just the seam of my jeans pressing against me. 

I can’t forget the days where i felt like i would explode if i didn’t get to the edge right there and then. I can’t forget how insane i would go for just one edge. Just one. 

I can’t forget the days i spent on no touch and i can’t forget the days i spent edging my tiny defenseless body over and over again, not willing to let go of the finite amount of pleasure my body could possibly feel. 

But here i am, one full year later, denied and dripping. Fulfilled in so many ways, and so empty in others. I can’t think of all of the days i’ve spent edging my brains out and wondering when i’ll finally cum. 

To the naive girl who started this journey one year ago, i’d like to say, happy anniversary. You had no idea what you had coming.  

Happy Anniversary indeed.

Sounds to me like it’s just the beginning…

I’ve been slowly giving hints that I want to be denied to my fiancé. He edged me for an hour last night! So horny and wet! Can’t believe my fantasy is becoming reality. So fucked though.

So fucked, and you LOVE IT.

So, you need to reinforce this behaviour, both directly, and more subtly.

Send him little messages about how horny you are, tell him you feel like you’re on a high, things like, ‘I can’t believe you NOT letting me cum makes me feel this good’, ‘All I can think about is sucking your cock’ etc

And with that last one, the subtle stuff is act on it all, dress sexier, suck him more and longer than you ever have, get our prehensile minds to make the connection between NOT letting you cum, and you being a super slutty dream come true. 

It might take a while, but we get it in the end.

Hi James, do you happen to have any tips on how to edge? Everytime I try I end up coming, IDK what I’m doing wrong. Could it be because it’s all new to me?

You’re not stopping early enough.

You’re welcome