There’s a few options

  1. Use a tampon, it’ll get fuller faster due to how wet you get but it keeps it all neat and tidy, so just be prepared to change it earlier
  2. Edge in the shower – this is the easiest option and what a lot do
  3. Lie on a towel, just so you don’t worry about making a mess
  4. If you use pads, just be read to clean up afterwards quickly

It’s important to remember that edging can have two very different impacts when you’re having your period. For some it makes the cramps way worse and for others, it makes them much better. Go figure.

If you’ve never done it during your period it’s absolutely worth trying, in case you’re part of the latter group. But if it makes them worse then frankly, fuck that. Unless you’re a masochist of course, in which case fill ya boots.

Periods are a pain in the booty and I’m often thankful that I don’t have them but they are natural, normal things. Seeing them as unclean or bad, besides the painful bit, is just silly. One in four of most women are having their period right now. So maybe hold off edging at the heaviest and most painful bits, if it doesn’t help, but after two or three days most of you should be able to get right back on the denial bandwagon.

Any other tips my lovely followers, help a denial slut out…

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