was to lay in bed all day with my trusty vibrator friend and relax. I got about as far as waking up in bed before my mom walked in an asked me to take my sister to school. I did, and came back, and my mom wanted me to hang out and watch TV. I’m still horny as fuck, but what am I going to say? Sorry mom, can’t watch TV with you, need to fuck myself till the batteries run out. I don’t see that one going over too well.

So I stay. At 11, my sister tells me her tests are done and she can leave early, so can I please come get her? I’m losing my mind now. I get to her school and pick her up, grab lunch, and go home. It’s at this point that I remember my grandfather is in the hospital, and we haven’t visited him yet. We get him a present, go to the hospital, and we leave pretty soon. I’ve been fantasizing about my pocket sized pussy crusher all day and it looks like I’m finally going to get to be alone.

Right? NO. My mom waits until I am at the fucking light behind our house to ask me to run to the store, a trip that involves a U-turn, getting out of the car, and my least favorite, talking to people. 

I finally get home,ready to attack, and my aunt is over. I have to visit with her, right? She finally leaves after about an hour, AND THEN MY MOMS BOYFRIEND COMES OVER. I OFFICIALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE.

I am finally alone at about 10:45, and I’ll bet you can guess what I did. 

That’s right: I edged for over two hours before giving myself an orgasm so intense it had me staring at the ceiling in amazement. 

So all in all a good day.

Orgasm denial, brought to you courtesy of life.

It’s a bitch.

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