Amazing! You’ve only got an hour left on the offer if you’re UK/Europe but till midnight in the US so I hope this isn’t too late.

I’ve found the perfect vibe. It’s not the best, it’s just a basic twisty bottomed dildo vibe, but THIS IS THE BEST!!!!

Seriously, I’m so excited about this

It’s from the Positive Vibes range at Lovehoney, and did I say it’s perfect?

‘Vibes before guys.’ How’s that for a better message than ‘bros before…’

Loving this.

What’s more, it’s half price, plus 25% off! So that’s down to £6.37! 

(Fuck me, now I’m pondering the ethicacy of putting one in the cupboard for my daughter’s long future birthday. Nah, as discussed before she’ll get vouchers, mildly less embarrassing.) 


Anyway… and for the US it’s $7.50

I hope you can get this, even without the discount that ends tonight you’ll get half price till maybe the 20th.

Vibes before Guys at Lovehoney US

Vibes before Guys at Lovehoney UK/Europe

Follow the instructions here to save the extra 25% (no minimum basket you see)

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