#3.1 – June 3rd

1st Edge: Since I started JuNO I never
actually had to remind myself to edge after waking up, which I’m not used to
(but let’s hope it stays that way). I woke up, looked at my phone in case I
missed anything important and when I saw that nothing happened, I went on
Tumblr and started searching the tag ‘female orgasm denial’. I knew this would
get me going good, seeing what was ‘done’ to me written out in erotica. At
first I didn’t touch myself, I wanted to be so, so desperate, I wanted to get
to the point of arousal where I couldn’t stand not touching myself. And to that
point I got. I reached into my pants, only to find that I was soaking wet already.
I coated my middle finger in my own juices and started using it as lube to make
the light circles over my clit smoother. I felt so relieved and good when I was
finally able to touch my clit. The soft touches already made my hips jerk in
anticipation. I slowly got faster and harder, until I was right at the edge
when I completely stopped stimulation again. I really wanted to touch myself
more, but knew I would fall over the edge if I did. But I wasn’t finished with
myself yet. I let myself calm down and then started soft stimulation again. My
clit was already more sensitive, which made small shivers run over my thighs. At
this point I was trying not to move my hips in any way (obeying the orders from
the dom in the story I was reading), which made me even wetter. Even though I
was controlling the fingers stroking me, I kept pace with the story and I so
desperately wanted to move my hips to get more pressure, but somehow I was able to refrain myself
from doing so. I knew I was close to the edge, but didn’t want to actually get
there yet, so I stopped stimulating my clit and started to finger myself slowly
with two fingers (vaginal stimulation is not as intense for me as clitoral
stimulation, which is why I thought this would be a good idea to keep the good
feeling without reaching the edge yet). Something finally brushing against my
walls felt like a strongly needed relief, but after a few strokes I realized it
wasn’t enough. I was so soaked, that I didn’t get enough friction for my taste,
so I did something I rarely do: I added a third finger into my cunt. Usually it
would be a tight fit, but I was so aroused that I didn’t have to use any force
whatsoever and slid right in. And that feeling was perfect. The combination of
my fingers and my own juices granted me the perfect amount of friction. My
fingers slowly rubbed along my walls, sometimes grazing my G-spot making a
pleasant shiver run over my body, while the heel of my hand sometimes put a
small amount of pressure on my clit. In my 11 years of regularly masturbating I
never felt so good and relieved to have vaginal stimulation. It actually felt
good enough for me to get closer to the edge again, which is why I stopped it.
I slowly pulled my soaked fingers out of my pussy and as soon as they were
gone, I felt the needy throbbing of my pussy, begging me to put my fingers
back, which I denied myself. I very slowly (and just barely) stroked over my
clit, making my thighs shiver again. That’s when I actively realized that the
edge, for me, is a high feeling before I have an actual orgasm (subconsciously
I already knew that, but I didn’t quite realize that the edge consists of
different intensities of said feeling) and that I was right at the beginning of
it. But different than normal, I didn’t get faster or harder with my strokes
over my clit. I stayed at the exact same pace and pressure. I was so aroused
and at the same time so happy that I could actually stay at (the beginning) of
the edge for a while! When I noticed that my arousal becoming more, I changed
my stroking pattern, because I really liked the feeling and still wanted to
stay there. So instead of slow and feather-like continuous circles, I stroked
once, then paused for a second, then stroked again a single time and paused
again. I did this until I felt myself get back to the point I was before. When
I reached it I resumed my previous pattern of very slow, very light, continuous
strokes. I was so fucking horny that I had no other choice but to stroke on my
clit directly! My clitoral hood was completely pulled back! And normally I can’t
stroke my clit directly because the feeling is so intense it actually makes me
uncomfortable. But now I didn’t have a choice and indeed it was very intense
but it felt so, so good this time. I
just wanted to stay there like this forever and continued this pattern for at
least 20 minutes! The only reason why I stopped after 1 and a half hours of
edging is because I was getting hungry! And now I’m sitting here, writing this,
keeping me aroused thinking about the great feeling I had while edging and
honestly? I’m so horny but every time the thought of an orgasm crosses my mind
my immediate answering thought is: ‘I don’t want that. I want to stay like
this, feeling horny and great and desperate and completely fucking soaked!’ You
guys, I think I’m having my VERY FIRST DENIAL HIGH, and it feels so fucking great!

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