This morning I
had some time to be lazy in the bed before work. I was going to edge, then I
remembered the numbing cream. I have Emla for using before laser epilation (to get rid of the hair) on
my labia. 

I’ve been fantasizing about BeingFuckedWithNumbingCreamOn SlowlyLosingSensationAnd WastingTheRareChanceToCum
for some time now. Wanted to try how it really feels.

I took the cream
from the bed side drawer and put a large amount on my finger. 

Even the thought
of this made my pussy drip. Without even touching my clit, I was on the edge. It’s
all in the mind, after all 😉 In my strange mind. 

I reached my clit and rubbed the whole amount
in circles, until it was all soaked. Some on the surrounding area too. I made
sure there was an excess amount of cream directly on the clit. 

I edged, just
from this brief stimulation on my clit. With the thought of the numbing cream,
it was so intense. I stopped touching, but I was going to go over the edge, I
could feel it. So I opened my legs wide and opened my labia with hands wide, to
stop the slightest contact on my clit. Like that, I waited for 10 minutes, and
rubbed to test. The sense had decreased, but I could still feel the touch. Ahh
it was soo sweet. I waited another 15 minutes and rubbed again. Oh my..

My clit stopped existing. I touched and rubbed and pressed. Nothing. Just
a piece of nerveless meat. Like your mouth after the dentist gives you the
anesthetic shot.

My clit
completely numbed, I reached for my dildo. It is very smooth, polished wood, curved,
to press the right spots inside. I started fucking myself with it. There was a lot of pleasure from the dildo
too. I thought I was getting close. If I went over the edge I decided to let it
happen so that I prove myself that I can cum from penetration only. I would
cum, and remove the dildo just when I start to throb, and ruin it. 

Idea of ruining a
penetration-only orgasm sounded so evil. Made me hotter. 

I fucked myself so fast with the
dildo. Without my clit feeling nothing, the pleasure was intense, but just not
enough. Or maybe it would be enough if I could continue as long as necessary
but my arm would get so tired after like 4-5 minutes I’d need to stop and rest. With each frenzied
thrust, I edged. With each stop for rest, I calmed down. As I was fucking
myself with the dildo like crazy I heard these inner voices of some strangers I
imagined playing with me:

 “This is all you get for pleasure now. Your clit is
gone. Kaputt. Nada. All you get is penetration only. Cum from this.” 

This was
so hot and I was so close I was panting and moaning in the bedroom out loud and
sweating… Yet I could not go over that edge.

More than an hour
of furiously trying, my arms were very tired, and my body was very frustrated.

I gave up.

I dressed, and came to work.

My clit came back
like half and hour later I left home. It started throbbing with need under my

I have been at
work for 3 hours. I can not do real work. I can not concentrate on anything.
The ache on my pussy has consumed me. The need is overwhelming.

When I talk to my
colleagues, it’s like I’m faking the conversation. What I’m really thinking
about is the ache.

Instead of doing
proper work, I am typing this on my laptop, getting wetter and more needy as
type it.

A first hand account of using numbing cream for your denial

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