I think it’s late enough in the evening I can give you my experiences. I don’t know why I even wear a bra in the first place…I’m small and firm enough (even in my 40s) to go without. In the winter, it is a nice extra layer of warmth? Well, I didn’t put one on today, not even a lace camisole as an underlayer and threw on a sweatshirt. (Somewhat cheating as it’s thick, but it’s coooold!).
The fabric rubbed and I could feel every bounced. Then I was tasked to put Bobbi Pins on my nipples for a time today. I did and they were low profile enough to not be seen through the sweatshirt. Had to then go downstairs and my tits ached so bad! The pins were making every step down an effort. Usually when I wear pins I have my bra on so there’s no moving…
But, I used the small Bobbi Pins, they have a lower profile but pinch harder. I can only take about 10 minutes. Taking them off and going about my day, my nipples have been at such high attention I can see them through my sweatshirt!!!!Thank you for this challenge!

Wonderful, great job! And wearing a thick jumper over the top is entirely valid! The idea of the No Bra Club is not shoving your nips in everyone’s face, it’s just the feeling of freedom it gives you. 

Although, when it is warmer, it’s also about not being ashamed of the fact you have nipples! God forbid we show the slightest bit of sexuality, huh… 

OH that’s right, it’s only lady’s nipples that we should be ashamed about, silly me…


Thank goodness for St Jennifer

The OG for #freethenipple

And as we pursue the ‘No Bra Club’ concept, can I just give a more serious message that nobody should be wearing bras in bed, seriously:


I’m going to go further and say, if you haven’t, try sleeping naked, it’s awesome (periods and privacy aside).

So there’s a denial task for today if you don’t already, strip for your last edge, and stay that way until morning, and tell us all about it!

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