New experiences

So I’m gonna try a JuNo journal I think…. Or at least be a little more vocal on this blog. Maybe I’ll even do captions if I’m feeling inspired.

My husband and I are just venturing into denial and it’s been wonderful. He just last night gave me a minimum number of edges to do per week. We decided that a weekly minimum would be better than a daily one so that if there were days when I was feeling really sex averse (which happens to me occasionally) I could have some leeway.

So yeah, now I have 12 edges to complete before the end of Wednesday. I know that’s not very much to some, and certainly less than the 3 a day prescribed by the wonderful James, but I think it’s a good start since I’ve never had required edges before.

I’m excited to see what JuNo has in store for us. I already haven’t cum for like a month, but it doesn’t feel so bad because there hasn’t been a lot of edging. I expect June to be much worse (read: better) now that I have the minimum in place and who knows what JuNo tasks will come up.

Hi Kit,
Sounds like a great start! Lovely to see you both getting involved. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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