Hi! I’m Jewel, and this is my brand new blog! I’m a little late getting into this but today is my first day of JuNo. Sir neglected to tell me that I would be participating in this. So I am starting today, participating in female-orgasm-denial’s JuNO 30 Days of Denial Challenge.

I have a lot of experience with denial. Mid December, Sir started denying me. Funny thing is though, before December, I’d never had an orgasm. Sir and I started to do things sexually after 2 months of (LDR) dating. The first night I came, ever, it was 8 times in one night. Mere days after. we found the female orgasm blog. To be honest long distance sex is hardddddddd. But I think denial made our LD sex life sooooo much better and more interesting, no matter how much my pussy aches.

So, after finding James’s blog we started doing D/S stuff and a lot of denial. We started the christmas challenge but never finished it on account of Sir getting bored and wanting to do what he wanted instead. (This is around the time where Sir mutually decided that he was to become my daddy dom, and I his little slut. We started getting really into the d/s and dd/lg lifestyle. Through a period of time where we couldn’t have a lot of calls, and limited texting, we let up a bit, but now it’s back to Sir having considerable control over all aspects of my life. And I love it. 

It really depends on the situation what we call each other. When he’s helping me through a panic attack he’s daddy and I’m his baby girl, but when he’s using me for his pleasure, I call him Sir and I’m his little slut. Generally Sir is what we go for, so that’ll be what I’ll usually say on this blog.) 

We’ve both sent a few Anon asks to the female orgasm denial blog, most have been answered, and i went by the same screen name; Jewel. so you might wanna look through the asks and find me.?

Anyways, there was one passage of time where i didn’t cum for about six weeks. That’s the longest I’ve counted, but Sir swears he’s had me do longer. He’s probably right, after a while, I can’t count it. Most of the time I’ve been denied has been just teasing. Sir decided that even though edging made me hornier in the end, it gave me too much satisfaction. (Note: at this point in writing this, I was instructed to put my vibe in my pussy at top speed. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes.) So edging has been a reward for me a lot of the time. Sir also enjoys ruining me, then forcing another ruin. which makes me exponentially hornier and wetter. Most of the orgasms that I am allowed, usually end up forced.

Sir and I have become very familiar with tease and denial over the last 7 months-ish. So I was a bit surprised when I was told this evening that I would be participating in JuNO. I’m mostly excited but somewhat scared, I have a feeling Sir is going to take a slightly sadistic twist on some of these tasks.?

This is just an INTRO POST the day one journal post will be up sometime tomorrow, or late tonight. This blog was originally created just for the journals, but I’m having fun, and I have permission from Sir, so it might become a regular thing!

Oh Jewel, what a welcome addition to the JuNO fun and games! It’s lovely to have you guys on board and we look forward to hearing how you get on!

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